About Us

The expert in anything was once a beginner.

— Helen Hayes

Our MissionOur mission at Achieve Trade School is to provide high quality instruction for students wishing to enter the Electrical field. We are responsive to employer needs and anticipate changes in the field at any time.

We strive to do this by providing hands-on learning opportunities with a training schedule that allows students to earn a living while attending Achieve Trade School courses.

Achieve Trade School will provide adequate accommodations for students with learning differences to allow them access to training and provide opportunities for students from disadvantaged backgrounds who generally would not be able to access training.

Our MissionAt Achieve Trade School, we strive to offer quality training in the Electrical field and make it accessible to students who are generally under-served and under-schooled. We believe in providing individualized accommodations to support the needs of students with learning differences.

We also work hard to provide opportunities for career development for students from diverse social economic backgrounds. In doing so, we hope to provide the opportunity of career advancement and long-term employment to populations whose skills and gifts are under-utilized in our society.

Our Classroom

Our curriculum in the classroom is based on a 70% Hands-on, 30% Pen and Paper learning style. It is our belief that learning the theory and background of a skill enables the learner to understand and utilize a skill to its fullest potential in the actual application of said skill.

Learning Lab

We believe that pens and paper aren't the only way to master education, so we've built a warehouse classroom fitted with all the hand-on learning opportunities that we believe are beneficial to our students.

While students will spend some of their time in books, we're looking to revolutionize trade skills by putting theory into real practice. We have fitted our space with individual work stalls for each student to have their own space to practice their skills and learn with the aide of an instructor with years of experience right at hand.

Our Offices

The offices for our Director of Education, Institutional Director, and Instructors are all located on the same site as our classroom and learning warehouse.

Students will be able to meet with all staff regularly in order to plan their classes, discuss available options with their desired course path, and plan for their future with the guidance of our team.